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Vision - Mission


Waksman Healthcare & Innoceutical is committed to Synergize Market Dynamics and Pharmaco-Dynamics to emerge as Game-changer in Bio-Pharmaceutical domain


  • Waksman Healthcare & Innoceutical desires to successfully commercialize 100 patented and research products by 2015, within India.
  • Apply for as many as 500 Product Patents by 2016.
  • Provide Solid Support to Indian companies to fulfill their aspirations to market Innovative Products.
  • Establish a full-fledged Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing Company latest by 2013


  • To harness the vast talent pool in India through a viable and legal network of technology tie-ups, Institutional tie-ups, Students participations and through open source research network, besides developing and strengthening internal critical capability
  • To optimise the research capabilities and work on Success Formulas than on just Chemical Formulas by identifying the therapeutic gaps of clinically established through thorough Market Research and Validation.
  • To focus on the unmet requirements of the Indian Clinicians by identifying the Diseases and Therapies those require innovative solutions and Value Additions