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Are you interested in Research or in Entrepreneurship or both?

If yes, then you can become a Research Entrepreneur and not just a Research Scientist. Afterall, you should get your share of the cake. Waksman Healthcare Inc. is the first ever Pharmaceutical Research company in the world to engage Research Entrepreneurs and not just Research Scientists.

Well, You will just not keep watching Physical / Chemical balance but also a healthy bank balance.

Practising Doctors too can practice Research!

Besides Researchers, we welcome the practicing Doctors to become part of our team by contributing to our Drug Research. In fact, Drug Research would be more appropriate and relevant if Clinicians are involved, since only Clinicians can think from the clinical perspective and prescribe Futuristic Research Products. Dear Doctor, not a single prescription of yours will bounce in this case.

Waksman Healthcare & Innoceutical will provide a viable legal MOU to work from wherever you are. Sounds Great? You may correspond to with your profile, credentials, achievements and proposals to careers@waksmanhealthcare.com or waksmanhealthcare@gmail.com or call us on 917738580152