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Drug Development

Focus area of Research

Cardiovascular Diseases

Drugs (as many as 48 new products) Endothelial Protection and Vaso-dilatation, with additional benefits, based on the following concept: Strategy for optimal benefit with NO Target eNOS for NO production Provide NO donors that are devoid of drug tolerance and NO resistance Simultaneously provide NO scavenger to overcome the long-term side effects of NO This project has been approve for Grant from the prestigious Department of Science & Technology in India through TePP.

Infectious Diseases

10 new products with specific advantage to prevent Bacterial resistance and enhance the antibacterial spectrum, based on our patented technology. The technology would include differentiation such as, Enzyme Inhibitors Biofilm Destroyers, Absorption/Potency Enhancers, Tolerability/Compliance Enhancers

Metabolic Diseases/Disorder

32 new products with specific advantage to prevent Diabetic Complications, based on our patented technology

Nutraceutical Drugs

More than 10 new products are in pipeline with superior drug delivery technology to achieve greater Bioavailability and to reduce incompatibility with other drugs or Nutraceuticals