"Patents granted for 10 Novel & Innovative products in the Antibacterial category. Patent granted recently for Cefixime plus product for innovative technology. Patent granted for 5 highly potential antibiotics in in-situ gel delivery system and in novel topical delivery dosage form. Several patent applications are in pre-grant stage in India and Europe. We welcome in-licensing companies for exploiting the huge commercial potential. We also undertake CRAMS and Custom Development of Formulations. Strategic Alliance with MDRL for CRAMS and Custom Development of Formulations"

About Us

"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought." - Albert von Szent-Gyorgy

Waksman Healthcare & Innoceutical believes in Market-driven research rather than just Molecules-driven Research. Thus we have coined the apt slogan, "We work on Success Formulas not just on Chemical Formulas.

Waksman Healthcare & Innoceutical is committed to "Synergize Market Dynamics and Pharmaco Dynamics to emerge as Game-changer in Bio-Pharmaceutical domain."

Waksman Healthcare & Innoceutical firmly believes in the huge strength of intellectual capital and innovative thinking. Secret of our innovation success has been our focus on Success Formulas rather than just Chemical Formulas.

Our research focus is on identifying and providing solution for the gaps in pharmaco-therapeutics than on any specific area. We are interested in "SEARCH" and not in "reSearch."We search for solutions to the human ailments instead of trying to manipulate the molecular structure of drugs and wonder if they would work. Thousands of compounds do not see the light of the day since most of them are android manipulations of the chemistry.

Innovations in the 18th, 19th & 20th centuries set several new benchmarkssince they all originated from the human mind, not from the software, from the human Quest and not from the deadlines to discover new things, not from knowledge but in fact due to the lack of it- this lead to the human of "To Know More"but people today can do research only if "I Know More"

Waksman Healthcare & Innoceutical works on the platform technology of human innovation with dream and passion to evolve brilliant solutions- not just to showcase a team of brilliant scientists

We have just applied for our 101st patent but we aspire more than 500 patents by 2016 and emerge as the No.1 (re)Search Engine for Pharmaceutical Research in the world.